How To Divorce My Wife

When marriages in Texas fail for any reason, it can lead to husbands wanting to divorce their wives.  But since divorce is not just the husband’s decision, it is not unusual for the wife to refuse to end the marriage. According to Psychology Today, women are more likely to file for divorce despite the fact that divorce is more costly for women.

Another shows that men can take a year or two to decide whether or not to file for divorce. They use all this time to evaluate the pros and cons of a divorce. So, men are not likely to file for divorce on impulse and often have robust reasons when they finally decide to file.


What To Do When You Decide To Divorce Your Wife

How Do I Divorce My Wife If She Doesn’t Want To?

You may have the following concerns when you are thinking of telling your wife that you want a divorce:

  • She may refuse to divorce you and not show up in court
  • She may attempt to save the marriage despite the fact that you no longer love her
  • There may be an argument followed by a fight

These concerns are valid and there are ways you can prepare yourself to respond to these situations.

Double Check Your Intentions To Divorce Your Wife

How To Divorce My WifeThere are studies that show that both men and women have unrealistically optimistic expectations about life in marriage.  Since these expectations are too high, they often get easily disappointed and start thinking about divorce.  They may also have unrealistic fantasies about the “freedoms” they may get after a divorce only to regret as soon as the divorce is finalized.

So, before you think about divorce, consider putting in a little effort in strengthening your marriage.  Divorce may not be the solution for the following issues:

  • Your wife not putting effort into her appearance anymore
  • Your wife complains a lot and treats you like a child
  • Your friends tell you single life is freer and better
  • You have lost your “spark”
  • You argue with your wife about money
  • You do not like how your wife’s style of raising your children

All these issues can be fixed without a divorce.

How Do I Tell My Wife I Want A Divorce?

Convincing Your Wife Divorce Is The Right Choice

You do not need your wife’s permission for you to divorce her. Divorce doesn’t even have to be a mutual decision. All you need to do is file for divorce and the court will grant it. Texas courts often grant divorce to parties who request it.

  • But if you feel that you need to get your wife on board for the divorce, you can do the following:
  • Convince her that the divorce may derail both your futures or may limit the potential for your futures
  • Openly communicate with your wife to reach a mutual agreement
  • Highlight how both of you can win without any of you having to suffer any unnecessary pain
  • Always include your kid’s interests in your discussions and commit to protecting their best interests

Your spouse may be unwilling because you sprang the divorce decision on them when they were not prepared to deal with the issue. Give them time to process the idea that divorce may be the only solution and that you don’t want to stay married to her.