How Much Does It Cost To File For Divorce In Texas

The cost involved in getting divorced is not the same for every couple. Apart from filing fees and attorney fees, other costs are going to be determined by factors such as the type of divorce you choose.  Other factors include minor children in the marriage, length of the marriage, debts and other liabilities, and more.

Things such as having significant community assets can lead to disputes and a lot of discovery, which can make your divorce process expensive.


Divorce Filing Fees In Texas

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get A Divorce In Texas?

How Much Does It Cost To File For Divorce In TexasThe amount you pay in filing fees is determined by the county you reside in. For example, in Fort Bend County, you pay $350 for a divorce or annulment with or without children.  You pay this amount at the Fort Bend District Clerk’s office in Richmond Texas.

In Brazoria County, the filing fee is the same as that in Fort Bend- $350 for annulment to declare the marriage void. You pay this fee while filing for divorce at the Brazoria County District Clerk’s Office. Both Fort Bend and Brazoria County do not include an extra fee for filing for divorce involving children.

People that want a divorce in Harris County have to file for divorce with the Office of the Harris County District Clerk. You can do this at the Family Courts Civil Courthouse in Downtown Houston. Unlike Fort Bend and Brazoria, you have to pay an additional fee of $15 if you are filing for divorce involving children.

You have to pay $350 for a divorce without children and $365 for a divorce with children. Paying the appropriate fee means that your spouse will be served the petition for divorce.

Consult An Experienced Divorce Lawyer In Texas

How Much Does A Divorce In Texas Really Cost

Your divorce lawyer can answer all the questions you have about your divorce. Apart from this, your lawyer can help you determine what portion of your assets are separate property or community property.  You also need legal guidance to make the right decisions for child custody and child support.

An experienced Texas divorce lawyer can evaluate your case and help estimate the length of time your divorce process may take or the amount you may need to pay for child support or alimony.

What Can Factors Can Make A Divorce Expensive

Factors that can increase the total cost of your case include:

  • Disagreement between you and your spouse: if you and your spouse intensely disagree about most issues in your divorce, it means you will have to go to trial.  A trial will definitely cost a lot of money in the long term.
  • The size of the marital property: If there are significant assets at stake in your divorce, it is highly likely that you and your spouse will disagree about who should get a larger portion of it. That will lead to a trial that will involve bringing in financial experts and other experts. These experts cost a lot of money.
  • Legal assistance: If the disagreements in your case are intense, you will need more help from experienced Texas divorce attorneys.  These legal professionals will have to handle all the paperwork with the help of other professionals.

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