5 Strangest Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

There are many books about weight loss techniques that suggest specific diets with n disclaimer that sometimes diets do not work. Methods for losing weight may not work for everyone because people tend to have different physiological issues. So, two people doing the same exercise and eating the same diets may develop different results. If you are gaining weight or not dropping any weight even after dieting and exercise, there are some weird factors that may be behind that.


5 reasons you are not losing weightSluggish Liver & Weight Gain

A big belly is probably a sign that your liver is no longer able to process fat and is storing it instead. A sluggish liver can no longer metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats efficiently. It may also be failing at detoxification, which is an action that helps neutralize toxins in your body. When your liver is no longer performing as it should, fat accumulates in various parts of your body.

The liver metabolizes amino acids from food into various proteins that help determine whether you gain or lose weight. Proteins play the role of transporting waste to your liver to be detoxified and eliminated through your kidneys.  Things such as sugar, trans fats, medications, insufficient fiber, and too much caffeine and alcohol can make your live function inefficiently. You need high quality proteins, and nutrient rich foods to get your liver performing to its fullest capacity. Bringing your liver back to full function will help you lose fat.

Bile and Gallbladder

Bile Deficiency Symptoms

Ox Bile Weight Loss

Your live synthesizes and secretes bile and stores it in your gall bladder. Bile works by emulsifying dietary fat into tiny globules that can be broken down by digestive enzymes. Scientists recently discovered that bile acids can turn cells that store fats into cells that burn fat. So if you have a bile shortage, dietary fats cannot be processed efficiently and fat-storing cells keep storing more fat. This still happens even if you stick to eating only the good fats. Bile also helps in detoxification, which shows that inadequate bile could lead to serious conditions worse than weight gain.

Insufficient Omega-6 Fats

Low quality Omega-6 fats are found in processed foods and cheap genetically modified vegetable oils.  High level of Omega- fats interferes with the normal ratio between Omega-6s and Omega 3s. Omega-6s help fuel sluggish mitochondria, the energy producing engines of cells.  Mitochondria contain brown-fat cells that up large amounts of glucose and fat that helps with dramatic weight loss.

Parasites in your body

You are exposed to parasites through restaurant dining, pets, undercooked or raw food and even tap water. Parasites repress you immune system and make your body produce cytokines. Cytokines cause bloating, rashes, sleeplessness, and sugar cravings that make you eat unhealthy foods.

Salt Causes Fluid Retention

Taking salt excessively can cause your body to retain fluid and false fat. False fat can be defined as bloating, swelling and fluid retention. To avoid false flat take sea salt because it has much lower levels of sodium than you would get from normal table salt. You can also fight false fat by consuming fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium because potassium helps balance out sodium in your body. False fat can also happen if you eat food you are allergic to. For example, there are people that experience bloating after eating yogurt.