Carnival Cruise Lawsuit Review & Update

The lawsuit is against RMG for allegedly making pre-recorded telemarketing calls to landlines and cell phones offering free cruises with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian as promotions. These calls have violated the TCPA.


Carnival Cruise Lawsuit Update

These calls were allegedly made on behalf of and after authorization by Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian cruise lines. Of course, the defendants deny all of the allegations in this lawsuit.

Who Filed The Lawsuit?

The lawsuit was filed by plaintiff Philip Charvat alleging that the mentioned cruise lines illegally called consumers telling them that they won a free cruise. The consumers were then asked to pay certain fees according to Charvat and the companies kept that money as profit. He argues that consumers did not give consent for the calls and a number of consumers even made complaints to the Federal Trade Commission.

Are You Eligible To Join The Class Lawsuit?

carnival cruise line lawsuit settlement amountIf you received pre-recorded telemarketing calls on your residential or cellular telephone line between July of 2009 and March of 2014, you are included in the settlement. The pre-recorded calls must have offered you a free cruise with the mentioned cruising lines, and your phone number must be in RMG’s call records. These call records have all phone numbers that RMG used to initiate pre-recorded telemarketing calls to promote its business.

Additional Proof For Claims

Back in 2018, the settlement administrator asked the 2 million claimants to provide additional proof related to their cell phones. The reason for this was because the administrator found that a substantial number of claims may have been filed in a fraudulent number.  So claimants were asked to prove that they owned the phone numbers in question.

Estimated Amount and Settlement Pool

The estimated amount is only $300 but your cell is your proof of purchase. You can find information about how to file your claim online. The settlement pool is $12.5 million. Lawyers for the claimants often receive 30% to 40% of any proceeds collected and the rest of the money is given to members of the class through checks.

Importance of Class Action Lawsuits

A class action lawsuit is the only way persons can get compensation for injustices meted to them by powerful multi-dollar corporations and institutions. It is the only way a person that does not have power to change the status quo to get justice. One person going against a giant institution or corporation will have to incur huge costs in legal expenses. The fact that some of these corporations are multi-national would make it difficult for one person to handle a case against them. But if a group of people come together and file a lawsuit the legal expenses would be bearable and also the compensation amount may be large. Even person who suffered limited damages may be able to benefit from joining that class action.

The possibility of a class action law suit being filed forces wrongdoers to stop their fraudulent conduct. There are people who feel that the plaintiff’s counsel receiving more of the settlement money than each class member is not fair.