The Absolute Strangest Ways to Quit Smoking


Weirdest Ways To Quit Smoking

For a large majority of people addicted to tobacco, quitting the habit is a difficult challenge. One major motivation for people who want to quit, is the dangerously carcinogenic radioisotope polonium-210 and lead-210 found in tobacco. These toxic radioactive substances can cause lung cancer and other conditions for people who smoke and people who inhale secondhand smoke according to the CDC. Going to rehab or to the local pharmacy are the usual the solutions recommended to addicts, but there are other weird natural ways that may help you kick the habit.

Lime Helps You Kick Addiction To Tobacco

Your local grocer has some of the natural solutions you need in the form of fresh lime.  Fresh clime can be used to end dependence on smoking tobacco but is not as good at reducing cravings as nicotine gum according to a study published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand.  The study is titled Efficacy of fresh lime for smoking cessation and it explains how it’s 100 participants who were 18 years and older reacted to nicotine gum and fresh lime. It took place in 6 months and it was a randomized controlled trial.

Lime is easily accessible and non-toxic, which makes it a cheaper but safer alternative to nicotine gum.   It also has other physiological benefits such as its ability to alkalinize the tissues. Lime also demonstrates significant antimicrobial activity against pathogens that cause cholera, and even drug resistant strains of E-Coli.

Acupuncture Can Work

Acupuncture a safe method for smoking cessation and is effective at helping smokers quit according to a study published on PMC.  The study was observational and involved evaluating the 8 week to 52 week effect of acupuncture for smoking cessation in Hong Kong.  A total of 5,202 smokers participated in the study. However, there have been other studies that claim that there is no consistent evidence that acupuncture is effective for smoking cessation. So no firm conclusions can be made but that does not mean that it doesn’t work for some people.

Exercise Can Kill The Urge

weirdest ways to quit smokingFive minutes of moderate intensity exercise is associated with a short-term reduction in desire to smoke and tobacco withdrawal methods.  You can start with aerobic exercises that make you sweat, make you breathe harder and get your heart beating faster. These include exercises such as running, dancing, cycling, boxing and more can help kill the urge. Choose activities that you enjoy and set aside at least 30 minutes for those activities. The urge to smoke and withdrawal symptoms disappear when you are exercising and up to 50 minutes after the exercise according to

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a plant from Eurasian mountains used to treat a variety of conditions. A study on mice published on, shows that it treats a number of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These include body tremors, head shaking, chewing and more.  It may also combat weight gain that people who quit smoking experience.

Other natural aids to stop smoking include hypnosis, self-massage, St.John’s Wort, mindfulness and black pepper.